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Watch Nepali Full movie BhimDatta- based on real story

BHIMDATTA a real story movie is now available to watch the Full movie. The movie Bhimdatta is directed by Himgyal Lama and movie features Nawal Khadka, Nisha Adhakari, Nisha Ghimire, Ramesh Budathoki, Shree Ram Pudasini, Sajan Khatiwoda, Kamali wyaiba, ram keshar bogati, Laya Sangraula, Sanukumar Tamrakar, B.S Rana, Uttam K.C, Kabita Sharma, Umesh Mayalu, A.A Agraj, Mahesh Dahal, Mukunda Acharya, Rajkumar Joshi, Maan Bahadur Kunwar, Shyam Shrestha, Yadunath panta, Lakraj Panta, bikash Bhatta shakti bhatta, shyam sinal, pratap chandra tamang, Guru Raj gudikaskar & Rabi Giri. The Dace in the movie is directed by Himgyal Lama and produced by Bishnu Thebe, Anurag Shah, Ram Saran Basnet Writer/Music/Composer: Mani Thapa .

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Short Story about BHIMDATTA

Bhimdata Pant was born in Dhadldhura. He was a patriot and a revolutionary. He fought against the injustice that was being reigned down against the common Nepali folk and was against the Rana tyranny. He was an excellent person that fought against the oppression of the common folk with peaceful methods. He was born a BRAHMIN cast but was against caste discrimination. Although He was born in a rich family, he understood the pain and hardship of those less fortunate than him. He wanted to steer this country into the right direction. Although he was a peaceful person he fought against the foreigners that came to invade with all the common folk around him. He fought against injustice with simultaneously fighting of the foreigners and the tyranny of the ranas. He was later murdered by his own friend. A legend in his own right he was a person of great thinking and did what was right but still hasn’t been declared a martyr by the Nepal Government.

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