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Bishrambha Cover of Asaar- Bipul Chetrii and Dashain tune | instrumental cover

M&S Vmag brings out instrumental cover of Asaar and Dashain Tune. Asaar is the original song of Bipul chettri. This video is produced by Sonam Tshiring lama (Hyolmo)- Executive producer, Gaurav Pote and Tenzin Choenyi lama. This video is presented by oshin sitaula and Biraj Singh Chettri. Cameraperson to shoot this video were Niroj Shrestha, Tenzin Choenyi lama, Bijay Koju, Yugal Shrestha, Bishal Thapa Kaji. And this video is performed by Bishrambha in the show name as M&S Vmag. This video not only entertain but also reflects the old traditional folks instrument and their value to the international arena.

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