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Government of PM KP Oli launched the “Social Security Fund” scheme on Tuesday

The Government of PM KP Sharma Oli started the new scheme called “Social Security Fund scheme”. With the launched of this scheme on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, now every workers will get respect and this scheme will surely encourage and motivates them to work.

According to PM KP Sharma Oli, ” From May 22 all the employees of Private sector should deposit 11 percent of their total salary in this fund and all the employers should deposit another 20 percent of the total employees salary in this fund scheme”. Because of this Social Security fund scheme, if any of the workers are fired from the company or could not get to job because of illness , pregnancy or accident, he or she will be entitled to compensation from this funding scheme. People of every age is included in this scheme and guaranteed security to all.

At first the scheme is applicable for formal sector and soon is applicable for informal sector, says by Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

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