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I take 3 years training to behave like a male – Karan Johar

Everyone notice that bollywood popular producer, RJ, Anchor, Actor and media  activist Karan Johar has a homosexual character. Though he is well enough wealthy but his daily life is not as easy as we think. Everyone teaches him and runs after his voice. With that reason he wents to meet the doctor. In the child age, everyone asks him, why do you walk like a girl ? , why do you act like a girl ? and why do you sound like a girl ? and he made his decision in meeting the doctor for transformation.

In order to make voice and sounds like a male, with the recommendation of Speech specialist:- Karan Johar takes 3 years training for it. With the reason of tution class Karan Johar always go for therapy and he never has a courage to say that “I am going to be a male”.

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