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Mr.Ghimire (Maghne Buda) asks Rs.10 Lakh

Mr.Ghimire (Maghne Buda) asks Rs.10 Lakh

Recently most Popular comedy actor Mr. Kedar Ghimire as a “Maghne Buda” is ready to play a role in the movie of director Mr.Sudarshan Thapa and producer/actress Mrs. Pooja Sharma.

According to latest news Mr.Ghimire ask for Rs.10,00000 for this role, which is the biggest amount of Money. Besides actors Anmol K.C,Pradeep Khadka and actress Samragye Laxmi Shah he is also one of the actor that requested such big money. According to Mr.Ghimire,”Yes, I have ask Rs.10,00000 for this movie as my working compensation. I have already received cheaque of Rs.4 lakh 50 thausand and remaining amount after completing film shooting”. Similarly he has agreed to pay Rs. 1 lakh 50 thousand to the government as a income tax.

With the good story of the film, he has agreed to play in the movie of Sudarshan Thapa and Pooja Sharma. The shooting of the movie ifs going to start from Magh,2074. Hope to see Magne Buda in new movie soon

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