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‘Mundre Ko comedy CLub’ TV shows coming very soon

Jitu Nepal known by his nickname Mundre, started his film career through the TV shows. Mundre originally Jitu Nepal is one of the senior Comedian in Nepali Film industry. According to recent News, Mundre is coming back to TV shows with the title of Mundre of Comedy Club. Two episodes of the shows is already directed and is ready to present to the audience. In the first episode of the show Deepak Raj Giri is presented as the guest and in second episode Kedar Ghimire aka Magne Budo and Karishma Manadhar is presented as the guest.

The chairman of the show is Deepa Shree Niraula and also Raja Ram Poudel is coordinating with Mundre in the shows. The shows will be presented at Nepal Television.

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