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Parelima – 1974 A.D. (Cover) | Sweta Singh Hamal

On the next episode of me and my guitar session owned by Channel arbitary presents next cover song of Parelima by the beautiful and talented girl Sweta Singh Hamal. The title of this video is sponsored by Tuborg. The video is directed and concept of the video is of Nattu shah. Me and my guitar is a kind of show by channel arbitary, where they have provide the platform to show their talent and create a name for themselves.

Original Song (Track) Parelima – 1974 A.D

Director & Concept : Nattu Shah

Music Arrangement – Abhishek Thapa

Editor, Colorist: Nattu Shah

Recorded at Range Records

D.O.P. : Javed.Khan.Arbitrary

Camera Person – Revenge Bhatta

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