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Pooja Rijal solo woman traveler to Gokyo and Everest Base Camp

pooja rijal

Pooja Rijal first solo travelers of Nepal, success to reach Gokyo and Everest Base Camp in 33 days. The journey to the Everest Base Camp evoked when her traveling hobbies crop up. Professionally, Pooja Rijal currently drudges in Media Alert and Relief Foundation MEDAL- Media Alert as former executive officer and Sr. Assistant Business Development at M&S VMAG. She is 23 years old.

Before Everest Camp, she successfully reached to Annapurna Base Camp alone. When she realizes her solo traveling ability, she aims to steps foot to reach Everest Camp or beyond the base camp without friends, families, relatives or any travelers.

Pooja Rijal | Journey to Gokyo & Everest Base Camp 

The journey to Base Camp initiated from the very morning of 19 November 2019. To make the journey to be more enjoyable and time catching, she started her way from Jiri skipping the way to Lukla. She planned to use her foot rather than the vehicle on her journey.

Her team Nepal Travellers suggest to catch a bus right from Kathmandu to Jiri and then start your trek to Everest base camp. Pooja doesn’t look at it as her challenges and plans to start the trekking right from her home.

Because of her commitment, she takes 9 days to reach to Jiri. She feels the smell of true East Nepal by capturing each and every moment of her journey. At 15 days of her traveling, she reaches to Namche and spends some couple of time.

Leaving behind the most asked questions being as a lady traveler asked by our Nepalese society, she completed her journey to Gokyo and The Everest Base Camp with the full support of her team Nepal Travellers.

The vast jungle safari, playing with the Snowfall, spending a couple of hours with Nepalese families, knowing their culture and exploring the way to Everest Camp is what she wants in her journey.

Pooja Rijal spends Rs.40 thousand on her journey.

Being as a common lady who spends the days with professional life and breaking the common lifestyle, she accepted the challenge and started the journey to Everest camp.



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