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Rabi Lamichhane Sting Operation | Rapist caught Red handed

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepali Citizen and a presenter of most popular and renowned TV show “Sidha Kura Janata Sanga”. Rabi and his team were already succeed to give freedom and opportunity to different Nepali People. Through this show, many Nepalese who are working in abroad are getting more facility and Respect.

In one of the show of “Sidha Kura Janata Sanga”, Rabi and his team success to caught a Rapist Red handed and successfully rescue the girl who is going to raped by own Teacher. Because of Ravi’s sting operation the girl is successfully rescued and Rapist is caught Red handed. The man who forget is responsibility and steps the foot in wrong way is “B.S Bhattacharya”.

B.S Bhattacharya is originally from India, Kolkaatta currently living in Kalopul. He teaches Management subject in many colleges of Nepal.

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