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Raj Ballav Koirala got married?

Raj Ballav Koirala got married?

On Decemeber 3, Sunday Nepali actor and literature Raj Ballav Koirala got engaged with his loved one Pratima Bimali in Waashington DC America. Pratima is a bio medical engineer. All the relatives, friends, actors, actress and known person attains this beautiful marriage ceremony in America.

Raj Ballav Koirala started his film career from the movie Parkhi Bashe. Pahilo Pahilo Maya, Chodi gaye pap lagla, Raghav are the few movies where koirala shares screen in Nepali cinemas. Along with the movies, he plays many music videos as well. While the shooting of the movie “Highway to Dhumus”, he settles in America and now involve in different IT jobs. Congratulation and Best of luck for his new life.

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