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Salon Basnet wants to be a solo actor.

Salon started his career in this film industry as a child actor. His father is a famous film director that makes salon to enter in this field more easily and comfortably. Last few years salon plays many movies like, hostel, A mero hajur 2, Luv-sab and many more mainly as a co-actor. So, he wants his solo role in the movie. He thinks that, he has not that capacity to play the solo role in the movie.Though he plays a co-actor role, his acting is love by everyone that makes salon happy.


Recently his next movie, “Babu Kancha“ directed by his own father Sovit basnet.In this movie, salon plays a solo role and he is expecting to be the famous solo actor not as a co-actor from this movie.  He says that,” You will see different salon in the movie and this film contains not only a entertainment but also a emotional”.

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