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Sumit Pathak started crying when he saw his beloved Grandmother

Since Sumit’s mother is no more with him. His mother couldn’t see the talent her son has. When Sumit returns back to his hometown Jhapa, his grandmother welcome him and when he saw her, he felt emotional and started crying.

Sumit Pathak is the Top 5 contestant of Nepal Idol Season 2 and also the winner of Golden Mike in auditions. Since Amit Baral get eliminated, Nepal Idol Season 2 has Top 4 contestant and Sumit Pathak is one of the Top 4 contestant of Nepal Idol Season 2. Since the Title of Nepal Idol season will be announced from the public. Any of the four contestant could hold the title of Nepal Idol Season 2. So, Sumit Pathak wents to his hometown for appealing the votes. When he arrives his hometown, people welcome him with Fuul & Maala.


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