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Tarkari – Nepal Idol singers Ulson and Sandhya with Sara Shirpali and Manjil

Ulson Shrestha and Sandhya Joshi both were the top contestants of Nepali topmost reality show Nepal Idol Season 2. Recently they collaboratively released the new song named as “Tarkari” officially on YouTube channel 8K Everest Motion Pictures. The vocal in the song Tarkari is lead by singer Ulson Shrestha and Sandhya Joshi. The lyrics of the song and music of the song is written and composed by Male lead vocalist Ulson himself.

The official music video of the song Tarkari is featured by beautiful lady Sara Shirpali and Majil Basnet. The video is choreographed by Rajiv Samar and directed by Tekendra Shah.

Check out the official music video of Tarkai- Ulson Shrestha and Sandhya Joshi

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