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Tihar Specials mashup cover song of Launa Mayalu ko Desh ma / Asaar | Swoopna Suman / Anuj Pradhan – MNMG

And here comes Tihar specials from the Channel arbitary. On this ocassion channel arbitary brings up cover mash up songs of Bipul chettri from the album Asar and Launa Mayalu ko Desh ma from the movie Upakar. This song features Swopna Suman and Anuj Pradhan. The title of this song is produced by tuborg and directed by Nattu shah. With the beautiful voice of Swopna and Anuj, the music video is also amazing. So, guys enjoy the music.

“Me and My Guitar is a show where we feature artist that were unknown but did not lack in talent. We have created this humble platform for such artist to come, perform and create a name for themselves.”

Music Arrangement – Abhishek Thapa

Editor, Colorist: Nattu Shah

Location : Evoke (Jhamsikhel)

Infographics/Animation – Nattu Shah

Director : Nattu Shah

D.O.P : Javen Khan

Camera : Revenge

Camera : Shashak Pradhan

Title Sponsor – Tuborg

Enjoy the music video and wish you all guys a Happy Tihar

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