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Yi Aakhama Timi Chhau official song from the movie Nai Nabhannu la 5 released

One of the favorite song Yi Aakhama Timi chhau from the movie Nai Nabhannu la 5 officially released. In every sequence of Nai Nabhannu the song “Yi Aakhama Timi Chhau” is same the only difference is official music. This time official music video of “Yi Aakhama Timi Chhau” is featured by a Anubhav Regmi and Sedrina Sharma. The official song “Yi Aakhma Timi Chhau” got the sweet vocal from Melina Rai and Music composed by Basanta Sapkota. The lyrics of the song Yi Aakhama Timi Chhau is written by Krishna Hari Baral.

Official music video!!!

The movie Nai Nabhannu la 5 is directed by Bikash Rai Acharya and produced by Haribol Bhandari and Gauri Raj Acharya.

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