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Recent updates on Kalanki-Koteshwor underpass road

Nepal’s first 800m underpass project is finally completed and also implemented. In order to decrease the Kathmandu’s unmanaged vehicles, Government of Nepal started this project.The underpass is in between Khasi Bazaar and Bafal Chowk. Chinese government helps to complete this project. On this project, Chinese government supports the funding of worth 5.13 billion. The ringroad is of 8 lanes.

Koteshwor Kalanki project is the expansion of an existing ring road which circles the cities of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Youth Initiative is monitoring a 9.5km section of the road which goes between the Koteshwor and Kalanki areas of Kathmandu. The project also includes pavements along the road, drainage construction, street lights, painting signs on the road and a bike line.

Check out the video below to know the latest updates on Kalanki-Koteshowr ringroad.

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