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Bir Bikram 2 director filed a case against Meme Nepal

On May 22, popular MEME page, “Meme Nepal”, released the video of Nepali movie Bir Bikram 2 review on their official YouTube channel. Since the video content is fully against the movie, Bir Bikram 2 director and producer Milan Chams filed a case against Meme Nepal.

Director of the movie Milan Chams purported the presenter Pranesh Gautam for reviewing the un-wanted content and released the video. Director Milan Chams case a filed against him for reviewing the movie might be after taking the intoxicating drugs. Since the content is against the Nepali actor and Nepali film industry, director of the movie raise the voice against such content.

After certain criticism related to the content, meme Nepal posted a status mentioning that, Nepal is a democratic country and everyone has got the right to speak against what is good or what is bad. The presenter of the video, honestly speaks about the good and bad things inside the movie. Also, there are disclaimers about the content at the start of the video.

Bir Bikram 2 is the sequential movie directed by and produced by Milan Chams. On the lead side, the movie features the artists Paul Shah, Najir Hussain, Budhi Tamang, and Barsha Shiwakoti. Similarly, Meme Nepal is the popular Facebook page with active fans of more than 10 lakhs+.

Due to the full pressure from the movie team and legal departments, Meme Nepal forced to private the video and not to make it public. They hide the video for a certain period of time, but now it is available on YouTube in their official YouTube channel.

Watch out the exclusive movie review of Bir Bikram 2 by Meme Nepal:

The presenter reviews the movie in a crude manner rather than the simple way, which is to be improved. But everyone has got the right to speak about the good and bad thing, so there is no need to take action against Meme Nepal.

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