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Nirmala Panta’s father Yagyaraj Panta started facing mental illness

Its been more than 100 days, Nirmala Panta was raped and murdered in Kanchanpur. Her father Yagyaraj Panta is protesting for justice against the rapist who raped and murder the young lady Nirmala. Because of long-days of protesting her father started facing a mental illness.

Nirmala’s father is sitting in front of Kanchanpur District Administration office for very long period time, which is main reason for his mental issues. He is now having a health checkup in Kathmandu. Its been a more than four days, Nirmala’s father Yagyraj started murmering ownself. His wife Durga Devi is now in more trouble.

Nepal Police have failed to arrest the rapist though its been around four months. PM KP sharma Olic and Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa is ordering Nepal Police to cover up the guilty as soon as possible.

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